EasyLog | BAT 3V6 1/2AA

US$5.99 ex. tax

BAT 3V6 1/2AA Battery

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BAT 3V6 1/2AA
BAT 3V6 1/2AA US$5.99 ex. tax

Non-rechargeable 1/2 AA lithium battery for use with most Lascar data loggers (excluding EL-USB-1-PRO, EL-USB-1-RCG, EL-USB-LITE & EL-USB-RT)

PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping restrictions apply for battery-only orders. We are unable to ship this battery by air by itself to a number of countries, or to the US states of Hawaii and Alaska, and for other US states you must select the UPS GROUND delivery option.  Please see the UPS site for further guidance.  A tick must appear for your country in both the Dangerous Goods and Cargo Aircraft Only columns for us to be able to ship this battery to you.  However, further restrictions may apply.  If your country does not appear on the list, we cannot ship to you.

HOWEVER you can add up to TWO SPARE SETS OF BATTERIES for every data logger ordered.  If you wish to order more than this quantity or are unsure whether this battery product can be shipped to you, please contact your regional Lascar office or see our Distributors page for local options.