Health And Safety Policy Statement

Lascar Electronics Statement of Intent
It is the aim of Lascar Electronics to adopt a strong commitment to the continual improvement of standards of health and safety management within our organization. This Statement of Intent outlines the key aims of the organization, with further detail on the roles and responsibilities and arrangements for managing health and safety provided in the full Health and Safety Policy, which can be found on the Company intranet. It is the duty of employees (regardless of their position) to be familiar with and understand the roles and responsibilities to which they have been assigned, and to be effective members of collectively undertaking and observing the arrangements as set out in the full Health and Safety Policy.

We intend to be recognized as leaders in our field for the effective management of risks to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, visitors and any other persons affected by our work. We hope to prevent all accidents and are committed to meeting or exceeding legislative requirements relating to health and safety. We will do this by ensuring:

  • Provision and maintenance of safe plant and equipment.
  • Undertaking suitable and sufficient risk assessments and developing adequate control measures and safe systems of work to mitigate health and safety risks arising from work activities.
  • Consultation takes place with employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • Arrangements are in place for the safe handling and use of substances.
  • Provision of information, instruction and supervision for employees, (and including the provision of suitable PPE when required by risk assessment).
  • Employees possess sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to undertake tasks and are adequately trained.
  • Action is taken to prevent accidents and work-related ill health.
  • Maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Adequate resources are made available in terms of finance, time, man power and effort in order to allow the effective implementation of this Health and Safety Policy document.

The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for health and safety and in ensuring adequate resources are made available to allow the effective implementation of this Policy. These duties are further distributed through the management team. In addition, the services of a competent Health and Safety Advisor will be retained to monitor and review the implementation of this Policy document.

While the Managing Director has overall responsibility, a positive culture can only be achieved when all staff are aware of their responsibility in managing their own safety and ensuring their activities do not harm themselves, or other people while at work. This Health and Safety Policy requires the cooperation of all staff, visitors, contractors and others to enable Lascar to discharge its responsibilities under law.

Lascar Electronics is committed to upholding the standards outlined in this Policy document. The Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed at least annually and in light of amendments to legislation, experience and future developments within Lascar Electronics, and best practices.

Download the Health and Safety Policy Statement.