Agriculture and Animal Welfare

Data loggers are ideal for monitoring many agricultural processes. From the monitoring of temperature and humidity in commercial greenhouses, the monitoring of climatic patterns to help identify optimum planting areas, the maintenance of greenhouse or warehouse environments at specified temperature and humidity levels for maximum crop cultivation to the ambient storage of wine during the fermentation process, data loggers provide an inexpensive means of monitoring parameters such as humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide both indoors and outdoors.


Stand Alone Data Logging

Lascar’s EL-USB range includes discrete, battery-powered temperature and temperature & humidity data loggers that measure and store readings until data is downloaded via USB. Simple to set-up, just plug any of these devices into the computer USB port and, using Lascar’s FREE software, name the device, choose a sampling rate, select high and low alarms if required and a logging start time. Loggers store up to 32,000 readings, include displays showing max, min and last logged values as well as flashing alarm and low battery LEDs.

The EL-USB-PRO can store over 32,000 temperature readings. The tough, stainless steel exterior keeps the device safely protected from impact, corrosion, and water ingress. Set-up and data analysis are easy thanks to the free EasyLog software provided. Data can be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for detailed analysis.

Our next-generation EL-SIE range measures ambient temperature, humidity and pressure and can store over 1 million readings. They feature a number of powerful, user-configurable alarms and include a display and LEDs to indicate device status at a glance. Advanced onboard software means there is nothing to install on your PC or Mac – simply connect the logger with a USB cable and use your web browser to configure the device and view, analyse and download your data. 

The EL-GFX family boasts over 250,000 readings per parameter, an on-screen display showing max, min and last logged values as well as an on-board graph of the data collected. Buttons allow the user to start, stop and restart the logger in the field and alarm breaches can be registered with both LED and audible alarms. 

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your environments and get early warning of poor conditions with instant alarm notifications using our WiFi connected devices. Lascar's WiFi sensors are easy to set-up using a smartphone App. Simply log on to your EasyLog Cloud account from any internet-enabled device to access secure real-time and historical data, remotely change individual sensor settings and create individual locations for one or multiple devices.


Pre-Calibrated Probes

Need to re-calibrate your sensors annually? Leave your EL-MOTE-TH sensor in the field and simply purchase a new pre-calibrated probe. No loaner stock. No disruption. Simply replace the probe and keep logging.




Lascar have a range of temperature and temperature and humidity data loggers perfect for monitoring the environment of anything from a kennel or animal housing area to a reptile tank. From small, low cost loggers that simply plug into a computer USB port to retrieve the data to WiFi connected loggers with displays that allow instant alarm notification and data monitoring from any internet enabled device. All of our data loggers have ranges with external probes allowing the device to sit on the outside of the tank or kennel.


Excessive exposure to temperatures that are too hot or cold can result in vaccines losing their potency. Continued exposure degrades potency even further and unfortunately, it cannot be restored and the vaccine must be destroyed. However, leaving a fridge door open for 10 minutes might not affect the vaccine stored inside. The glycol probes featured in the VAC range mimic an actual vial, tracking its temperature continuously and alarming when it shifts outside optimum storage temperatures.

Top Products


Industrial Temperature Data Logger with USB

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EL-PDF-1-004 PK10
Pack of 10 Ambient Pharma Goods Data Logger


Temperature Data Logger with USB


Temperature Data Logger with USB and Display


Temp & RH Data Logger with USB and Display

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USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit


WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit


WiFi Temperature Data Logger


WiFi Thermistor Probe Data Logger


Wireless Temperature Data Logger


Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display.


Temp & RH Logger with Screen and Audible Alarm