Use PanelPilot displays to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of your industrial processes. PanelPilotACE colour touch-screen modules provide an excellent means of displaying, fine-tuning and controlling manufacturing process parameters in small and larger industrial facilities.

Features include Analogue inputs, Digital inputs/outputs, Alarm outputs, PWM outputs, RS232 & RS485 comms, CAN bus, MODBUS & Ethernet connectivity, PID control, Ethernet FTP for logged data, multi-channel data logging and trend graphing, as well as password protection for increased security.

PanelPilotACE Range of Touchscreen Displays

An off the shelf hardware and design software package for rapid development of industrial display and panel applications...without writing a line of code. Lascar's PanelPilotACE Design Studio software allow you to develop and customise PanelPilot colour touchscreen displays with minimum of effort and design time. Our software comes with its own Preview Emulator so you can create and test your display projects before committing to buying hardware. Download the PanelPilotACE Design Studio software and start your new project. 

Browse Pre-Configured Templates and How-To Videos

Whether you’ve already chosen the PanelPilotACE platform for your next display project, have used its software suite before or are still evaluating its development potential, the PanelPilotACE University is your one-stop shop for all the tools needed to turn your conceptual display design into a fully functioning App.  From How To videos to example Project Templates, Icons, Buttons and Graphic Symbols, the University is a one-stop-shop to designing Apps for all applications.

Colour, Touchscreen PanelPilot M

Lascar's range of colour, touchscreen TFT displays offer dual-analogue input, I2C and SPI capabilities and 0-40 V dc or 4-20 mA options. The PanelPilot M software allows you to select an app from a wide range of meter styles including many touch screen options. Choose custom display colour, text labels and scaling options before saving and uploading your custom app to your display via USB.

Let Lascar Create the App

Our PanelPilot software platforms give users the ability to dramatically reduce design time for display applications by eliminating the need for complex code. But if you’re really under pressure to finish a design, why not make use of Lascar’s Custom Design Service for PanelPilot to deliver your solution? Provide us with a description of your display requirements and we can complete the design for you. Contact your local sales office for more information.

Top Products


SGD 28-M
2.8” Programmable TFT Panel Meter


SGD 24-M420
2.4” Programmable TFT 4-20mA Process Meter


2.4” Waterproof Programmable TFT


SGD 24-M-IP420
2.4” Waterproof Programmable TFT 4-20mA


SGD 70-A
7” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces


SGD 70-A DK+
Development Kit for the SGD 70-A

S70-CAN 5 1920 x 1110.jpg

CAN bus Add-on Board for SGD 70-A