Blood & Blood Component Storage

Blood and blood components such as plasma must be stored and transported at strict refrigerated and frozen temperatures to maintain both their safety and quality.  Lascar's range of standalone temperature USB data loggers, pharmaceutical and blood transportation data loggers and WiFI data loggers monitor these critical temperatures using a number of communications platforms for data delivery.  For customers maintaining a 21CFR-compliant system, Lascar also has a 21 CFR Compliant data logging range providing traceable data history allowing a faster delivery acceptance process.


Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor all blood and blood components in storage using our WiFi connected devices. Lascar's WiFi sensors are easy to set-up using a smartphone App. Simply log on to your EasyLog Cloud account from any internet enabled device to access secure real-time and historical data, remotely change individual sensor settings and create individual locations for one or multiple devices.

Stand Alone Data Logging

Lascar’s EL-USB range includes discrete, battery powered data loggers that measure and store temperature readings on-board until data is downloaded via USB. Simple to set-up, just plug any of these devices into the computer USB port and, using Lascar’s FREE software, name the device, choose a sampling rate, select high and low alarms if required and a logging start time. Loggers store up to 16,000 readings, includes displays showing max, min and last logged values as well as flashing alarm and low battery LEDs.

The EL-GFX family boasts over 250,000 readings per parameter, an on-screen display showing max, min and last logged values as well as an on-board graph of the data collected. Buttons allow the user to start, stop and restart the logger in the field and alarm breaches can be registered with both LED and audible alarms. 

21 CFR Compliant Systems

21 CFR is the part of the Code of Federal Regulations that establishes the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations on electronic records. Part 11 in particular defines the criteria under which electronic records are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper records.  If you're required to maintain encrypted and auditable monitored data, review Lascar's range of USB and WiFi 21 CFR compliant products or take a look at Lascar's unique 21 CFR Compliant Cloud monitoring system.

Need A Custom Logger?

Lascar can customise any of our products to suit specific needs. Recently one customer storing immunoglobulins needed a data logger with unique alarms.

Their problem: Immunoglobulins have to be stored between 2°C and 8°C however have a resistance to temperatures up to 25°C for a maximum of 1 week.

What we did: Created a custom EL-PDF-1 data logger with the following pre-set alarm states: Low Alarm: 2°C, instant / Cumulative Zone: 8°C to 25°C for 1 week (any values recorded in this range prior to the alarm triggering provide an amber warning) / High Alarm: 25°C, instant.

Is there a custom configuration we could create for you? We can customise even for quite small quantities, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What Do The Experts Say?

"Blood and blood components should be stored under specific conditions in order to maintain their safety and quality. Units determined to be safe and released for transfusion should be segregated from untested units, and access to storage areas should be restricted to designated personnel. Plasma components should be frozen within a specified time period after collection (preferably within 8 hours for fresh frozen plasma, or within 24 hours). Whole blood and RBC should be refrigerated between 1°C and 6°C, and platelets should be stored between 20°C and 24°C under agitation.

Top Products


EL-CC-2-005 PK10
Pack of 10 Blood Temp & RH Logger

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EL-CC-2-006 PK10
Pack of 10 Platelet Temp & RH Logger


Temperature Data Logger with USB and Display


Temperature Logger with Screen and Audible Alarm


Wireless Temperature Data Logger


WiFi Temperature Data Logger

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Wireless Thermistor Data Logger


WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger


21CFR Temperature Data Logger with Display

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21CFR High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger


High Accuracy 21CFR WiFi Temp & RH Data Logger


21CFR WiFi Thermistor Probe Data Logger