Lascar | PSU 20105

Linear 5V / 1A Regulated Power Supply with 115 / 240V a.c. Input


The PSU 20105 is a linear power supply with 115V / 240V a.c. input and a regulated 5V / 1A d.c. output. The unit is low profile and features an encapsulated mains transformer and screw terminal connections. The design includes over-current and over-temperature protection. The PSU 20105 is a popular part, normally stocked in high quantity and suitable for new designs.


Input Voltage
110 120 125 V a.c.
Input Voltage
220 240 250 V a.c.
Output Voltage
4.75 / 5 / 5.25 V d.c.
Output Current
1000 mA
Load Regulation
1 %

Application Info

The PSU 20105 is especially suitable for instrumentation systems.