Vaccine Monitoring

USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit
Data Loggers

Lascar Electronics has paired its EL-USB-TP-LCD thermistor probe data logger with a glycol bottle thermistor probe for users who need a complete vaccine temperature monitoring system.

Dual Channel GFX Vaccine Monitoring Kit
Data Loggers

The EL-GFX-VAC2 is a vaccine monitoring kit combining a USB dual channel data logger, two glycol bottle probes and a calibration certificate. It has user-programmable audible alarm thresholds with highly visible confidence/alarm LEDs.

21CFR USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit
Data Loggers

This 21CFR-compliant standalone data logger records and displays over 32,000 temperature readings from the supplied high accuracy glycol bottle thermistor probe. The data logger features an LCD and push-button which allow the user to cycle through the most recent, highest and lowest stored readings.  

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