Outside Environmental Data

Capturing environmental data can be as simple as the measurement of temperature and humidity and carbon monoxide through to the collection of information on barometric pressure, wind speed or other weather related data. For temperature and humidity requirements, Lascar has a wide range of data loggers to help you with your environmental needs and a number of communication platforms to choose from. Using USB, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled devices, measuring temperature and humidity levels both indoors and outdoors doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming.



Other measurement parameters? Lascar has a number of loggers fitted with terminal connections for easy integration with external sensors such as pressure or weather-related sensors. Whether your sensor has a voltage or current output, Lascar's USB devices provide easy measurement options for anyone wishing to create their own bespoke environmental monitoring device.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your environments and get early warning of potentially damaging conditions with instant alarm notifications using our WiFi connected devices. Lascar's WiFi sensors are easy to set-up using a smartphone App.

Simply log on to your EasyLog Cloud account from any internet enabled device to access secure real-time and historical data, remotely change individual sensor settings and create individual locations for one or multiple devices.

Pre-Calibrated Probes

Need to re-calibrate your sensors annually? Leave your EL-MOTE-TH sensor in the field and simply purchase a new pre-calibrated probe. No loaner stock. No disruption. Simply replace the probe and keep logging.

Stand Alone Data Logging

Lascar’s EL-USB range includes discrete, battery powered temperature and temperature & humidity data loggers that measure and store temperature and humidity readings on-board until data is downloaded via USB. Simple to set-up, just plug any of these devices into the computer USB port and, using Lascar’s FREE software, name the device, choose a sampling rate, select high and low alarms if required and a logging start time. Loggers stores up to 32,000 readings, includes displays showing max, min and last logged values as well as flashing alarm and low battery LEDs.

The EL-GFX family boasts over 250,000 readings per parameter, an on-screen display showing max, min and last logged values as well as an on-board graph of the data collected. Buttons allow the user to start, stop and restart the logger in the field and alarm breaches can be registered with both LED and audible alarms. 

Wildlife Research


Data loggers can be used to monitor the climate of the homes of various wildlife. Monitoring temperature or humidity can discover trends that might help in investigating animal behaviours in hibernation, nesting and relocation.  Check out how BATS Research Center have used Lascar's USB loggers to collect temperature and humidity data on bat microclimates.

Lascar Products in the Field

Don't take our word for it. Read how some of our customers have been using Lascar data loggers in the field to monitor temperature, humidity and voltage in their outdoor environment. Fort Stanton Cave Study Group using our USB loggers to monitor the water flow of an underground river to Forensic department at the University of Central Lancashire who used our USB data loggers to study body decomposition.

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