Health & Chemical Sensing

PanelPilot provides an excellent means of monitoring and controlling real-time patient information in the surgery, practice or hospital environment. Via the addition of suitable biological, chemical, optical and mechanical sensors, or a combination thereof, a quick and accurate interpretation of a patient’s clinical parameters can be obtained. Temperature data logging module versions are available for those applications that require historical data to be kept for analysis.

PanelPilotACE Range of Touchscreen Displays

An off the shelf hardware and design software package for rapid development of industrial display and panel applications...without writing a line of code. Lascar's PanelPilotACE Design Studio software allow you to develop and customise PanelPilot colour touchscreen displays with minimum of effort and design time. Our software comes with its own Preview Emulator so you can create and test your display projects before committing to buying hardware. Download the PanelPilotACE Design Studio software and start your new project. 

PanelPilotACE with Built-In Data Logging Capability

Four-channel temperature data logging modules are available for those applications that require historical data to be kept for analysis. The user interface comprises an advanced logging application which shows real-time readings for all four temperature channels, live trend graphs and access to a suite of real-time data analysis information.  

Browse Pre-Configured Templates and How-To Videos

Whether you’ve already chosen the PanelPilotACE platform for your next display project, have used its software suite before or are still evaluating its development potential, the PanelPilotACE University is your one-stop shop for all the tools needed to turn your conceptual display design into a fully functioning App.  From How To videos to example Project Templates, Icons, Buttons and Graphic Symbols, the University is a one-stop-shop to designing Apps for all applications.

Colour, Touchscreen PanelPilot M

Lascar's range of colour, touchscreen TFT displays offer dual-analogue input, I2C and SPI capabilities and 0-40 V dc or 4-20 mA options. The PanelPilot M software allows you to select an app from a wide range of meter styles including many touch screen options. Choose custom display colour, text labels and scaling options before saving and uploading your custom app to your display via USB.

Low Cost, E-paper PanelPilot B

The PanelPilot B has a sunlight readable and splash proof design, a 12-bit resolution analogue input, dual alarm max/min and tare functionality. You can choose from 6 customisable displays and select a colour style, either black on white or inverted. A picture of your choice can appear on power-up and all of this is possible in 4 easy steps... 1. Application Selection 2. Appearance 3. Splash Screen 4. Complete Set-up Our PanelPilot B software is absolutely free. Then simply connect your display to the PC, via USB, and upload your configuration.

Top Products


SGD 43-A
4.3” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces


SGD 70-A
7” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces


SGD 24-M
2.4” Programmable TFT Panel Meter


SGD 28-M
2.8” Programmable TFT Panel Meter


SGD 35-M
3.5” Programmable TFT Panel Meter


Panel Mountable Four-Channel Temp Data Logger


Panel Mountable Four-Channel Temp Data Logger

SGD 21-B Front.png

SGD 21-B
2.1" E-paper Dot Matrix Display