The broad scope of disciplines encompassed by the Engineering Design and Development team combine both electronic and mechanical hardware expertise with digital services including software, cloud platforms and mobile apps.

Electronic Design

Lascar are experts in both digital and analogue electronic design and can design circuits including wired and wireless communications, sensing, monitoring and data logging. We have a high level of engineering analysis and expertise, delivering necessary problem solving, performance and reliability.

Mechanical Design

We are experts in conceptual product design, electro-mechanical assemblies & injection moulding, waterproofing and drop test resilience.

Schematic & PCB Layout Design

40 years of experience teamed with the best, up-to-date design software means we can design expert, multi-layer PCB layouts on a variety of substrates including FR4, ceramic and T-Clad.


We work with multiple communication platforms from wireless platforms such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GSM to serial comms and protocols such as I2c, RS232, RS485, Modbus and CANbus.


Custom Displays & Integration

Sometimes the most inexpensive product update can be a simple display addition or upgrade. But display integration, particularly the introduction of touchscreen options, can also present a serious design challenge.

Display Design for Over 40 years

We've been designing and integrating smart displays for five decades. Our display design capabilities are extensive, proven in our own range of PanelPilot and EasyLog products. We can offer LCD (both segmented and dot matrix), LED, TFT, e-paper, capacitive and resistive touchscreen, chip on glass and chip-on-flex solutions.


Software, App & Cloud Development

Hardware design is just one piece of the product puzzle. At Lascar Electronics, we've developed an in-house design resource capable of developing multiple aspects of the digital offering including embedded firmware across multiple processor platforms, driver displays, smart phone apps, PC software for all Windows platforms and custom cloud-platforms.

Mobile Apps

Creative App development for both iOS and Android from storyboards, wireframes and prototyping to development and deployment.

Cloud Platforms

Combining front end User Interface design, back-end processing and analytics, database design and API connection.

Software Development

From a strong storyboard to test and verification, we build intuitive and sustainable software for all Windows platforms.